Greater Roadrunner

May 6, 2023

Watonga, Oklahoma

Greater Roadrunner Trail Run

The Outlaw group loves featuring our state parks!! Our newest trail run is the Greater Roadrunner Trail Run at Roman Nose State Park. Roman Nose, named after a Cheyenne chief, is one of Oklahoma’s original seven state parks. It is located just outside of Watonga (just 75 miles from Oklahoma City) in the more northwest part of the state with all that the panhandle landscape offers (or doesn’t offer—very few trees). The run will feature a 4 mile distance as well as a 6 mile loop that can be done twice for a 12 mile option. The trails are mildly technical, mountain bike style single track that winds and meanders over a rugged landscape amongst rock gardens, cactus, and cedar trees along with visual highlights of a mesa known as Inspiration Point overlooking Lake Watonga and the canyon.

Race times

The 4 miler and Challenge start at 7am, the 6 miler starts at 8am, and the 12 miler starts at 9:30am.

Coyote Challenge

For those wanting a longer distance, the coyote challenge consists of tackling all three distances: the 4 mile, 6 mile, and the 12 mile for a total of 22 miles!! Those completing the challenge will receive a medal as well as a special award. Podium awards will also be given for the lowest cumulative time.

If you finish a distance and the next distance has already started, simply start the next race. Back of the pack runners can complete the challenge as well.